64 years on, man still has no visit at mental institution

Dumping of people with mental challenges remains a serious issue that requires an all stakeholders approach if these people are to be rehabilitated successfully.

Ingutsheni central hospital in Bulawayo is home to a 102 year-old man, who was admitted at the institution in 1952.

Most worryingly, he has had no contact with his family members for all these years, pointing to a worrying trend of relatives dumping their kith and kin at mental health institutions whenever they face mental challenges.

KHULUMANI FM news sought to find out from hospital authorities the circumstances surrounding the prolonged admission of this senior citizen.

The authorities also had time to speak about the seriousness of this vice – that of dumping of people with mental illnesses by their relatives.

 Mental health care institutions are experiencing prolonged stays of patients and in some cases a life time and this has implications on costs and quality of services provided in feeding, clothing and caring for them medically.