To drink or drink not : Khami dam water

The Bulawayo City Council has allayed fears over the safety of water from Khami dam saying it is safe for drinking as it meets the World Health Organization set standards.

“The quality of water from Khami dam is seriously compromised” those were the words of former Bulawayo mayor Japhet Ndabeni Ncube in 2007 when the Zimbabwe National Water Authority proposed to draw water from the dam.


A few years later, the city fathers have made a u – turn and now want to pump water from the Khami dam.
However, residents are not convinced with the majority questioning the city council’s capacity to purify the water.


Bulawayo has faced perennial water challenges for more than two decades with government having recently intervened to address the issue.


This follows a meeting between the Bulawayo City Council and President Emmerson Mnangagwa, where he reiterated government’s commitment to addressing water challenges in the city.