COVID-19 Update: No confirmed cases in the country

The Ministry of Health and Child care has assured the nation that to date there are no confirmed cases of Covid 19 in Zimbabwe.

In a statement, the Ministry said in Africa 30 countries have reported a total of 445 confirmed cases and 57 deaths, including 6 SADC member states, which are South Africa, Eswathini, Namibia, Tanzania, the Sychelles and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Ministry said as of Wednesday 179 111 confirmed cases and seven thousand 426 deaths were reported from more than 150 countries worldwide.

It also said with the recent increase in transmission of the disease within the African region, it will remain on high alert to the pandemic due to the strong ties it has with other countries.

The Ministry said those who suspect Covid 19 or wish to have more information on the disease should call on its hotline number 0714 734 593 or 0774 112 531.