Beitbridge loses power cables to thieves

Beitbridge residents are facing imminent water challenges after thieves broke into the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) pumping station on Thursday night and stole 40 metres of power cables used for pumping water.

Daring thieves pounced on ZINWA’s water pumping station under the cover of darkness and stole power cables on Thursday, a development that has stalled the pumping of water from Mzingwane river to the water utility’s storage dam.

While this is not affecting the water purification, the impact is on the storage dam’s supply of water.

Currently, the storage dam is at 56 percent capacity but there are fears that water supply in the border town could be affected if ZINWA fail to procure the cables on time.

ZINWA Beitbridge service centre team leader, Mr Thulani Sibanda appealed to the general public to assist in apprehending the thieves who stole the cables.

He noted that tempering with key infrastructure is a serious offence adding that offenders must be brought to book.