Yoga centre officially opened in the city of Kings

The official opening of the Brahma Kumaris Raj Yoga Centre in Bulawayo saw attendants being  taken through a meditation session as a way of helping them relax from their daily tensions.

The centre that has been in operation since 1975, although at a low scale, seeks to empower individuals to appreciate the positives within themselves. This is done through various courses such as meditation, positive thinking, stress free living, leadership and anger management.

Speaking at the event, Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce, honourable Raj Modi, spoke on the need to live a peaceful life filled with positive thinking.

A representative of the Brahma Kumaris, sister Dipti, revealed that their organisation is meant to create a total human being that has full understanding of their inner being.

The organisation has to date been running numerous projects around the world, all meant at improving the lives of people. Some of those include the million minutes of peace appeal, write to God – heal the world and the pause for peace.