Bulawayo businesswoman facing 700 thousand fraud charge

A Bulawayo businesswoman has appeared in court facing charges of fraud involving 700 thousand United States dollars.

 The accused Delny Deanna Ashley Davies, who is the managing director of the popular Bean there Restaurant in Bulawayo is alleged to have swindled Prince Abraham who has business interests in South Africa and Zimbabwe of seven hundred thousand united states dollars.

 Allegations are that sometime in November last year the accused hatched a plan to deceive the complainant in a bid to raise funds to settle her own personal debt.

 It is further alleged that the accused approached the complainant and misrepresented facts that she had some free funds in South Africa and if the complainant had any payments to settle, she had the capacity to do so on his behalf.

 The complainant went on to transfer the money as promised but allegations are that the accused knew very well that she had no free funds in South Africa hence the complainant lost seven hundred thousand united states dollars.

 The accused has been granted five thousand dollars bail and remanded to the 11th of next month.

 She was also ordered to report twice a week at Bulawayo central police station, not to interfere with state witnesses and avoid committing any similar or any other offences.