ZESA tariffs for meant reward and punishment

ZESA holdings says the new tariff regime seeks to reward consumers who save power, punish reckless users, while making sure that the power utility recovers costs incurred in generating electricity.

ZESA Public Relations manager Mr Fullard Gwasira explained that they have introduced three different tariffs for domestic users.

The first 50 units cost 41 cents each, the next 150 units are pegged at 91 cents each, while anything above 200 units will cost $3.97 per unit.

The tariff structure is based on the fact that over 90% of households in Zimbabwe use not more than 200 units per month.

Mr Gwasira, however, stated that several families living under one roof using one meter might see their bills shooting over the roof as they will buy most of their electricity at $3.87 per unit after breaking the 200unit mark.

The ZESA spokesperson highlighted that the new tariff regime only applies to domestic users as industry is helping to keep the country’s lights on by paying in foreign currency.