Authorities worried by constant fires

Environment and Tourism authorities are worried over constant fires in the Matopos national park amid calls for the National Parks and Wildlife Management to solidify its relationship with the local communities who live of the fringes of the  globally acclaimed world heritage site.


The hills covers an area of about three thousand one hundred square kilometers. The beauty which is complemented by wildlife and other many features have earned the Matopos a special place in the hearts of many visitors.


However in the fire season, most of the Matopos’ beauty vanishes leaving behind ugly black patches of bare ground and burnt woodlands. In the reality of this challenge government has appealed to the National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority to work with villagers who live in the surroundings to fight the environment damaging fires.


The local member of parliament Cde Edgar Moyo says fire fighting brigades from within the community must be supported with resources to help in fighting the infernos.