Beitbridge water challenges persist, 10 years on

 Water challenges facing the border town of Beitbridge continue unabated  with residents now calling on the government to intervene.

Residents of Beitbridge have endured water challenges for a decade with access to clean water now a daily hustle.

The residents say they are being forced to buy water from those with boreholes who are charging four rand per 20 litre bucket which has resulted in some families spending over 600 rand on the precious liquid per month.

However, Town Clerk Mr Loud Ramakgapola has assured residents that a lasting solution is in the pipeline with water challenges set to be a thing of the past by the first of October.

Mr Ramakgapola also called for the hand-over of the water treatment to the town council from the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA), which he said appears not to have the capacity to pump water using generators when there is no electricity.

ZINWA communications manager Mrs Mejory Munyonga apologised for the inconveniences being caused by power outages, saying it is expensive to run the water treatment plant on generators as they are still charging old tariffs.