Goat rearing a viable business

Goat-rearing has become a dependable source of income for the people of Beitbridge, following years of drought.

Farmers who spoke to ZBC news said goat rearing has proved to be the major source of income at a time when climate change has also affected the production of small grains which are recommended for farmers in agro-ecological region five which receives little rainfall.

A closer look at the total stock of animals in the district says it all. Beitbridge has 97 000 cattle, 75 000 sheep, 35 000 donkeys and 140 000 goats, confirming that people derive more value in goats than cattle.

Fetching between 600 and 1000 rand and with support coming through from the Livestock Farmers Union which continues to advocate for sustainable prices, the income generated has the potential to sustain livelihoods.