Midlands overwhelmed by the number of households in need of assistance

The 2018/2019 agricultural season plunged the Midlands province in a dire food situation amid indications that about 176 290 households are in need of food assistance.

Delivering the Midlands state of affairs report, Minister for Provincial Affairs Senator Larry Mavhima said government’s food assistance program is overwhelmed as numbers of household have been overtaken by events.                              

Midlands province like other parts of the country 2018/2019 agricultural season was characterised by climatic induced drought.

Senator Mavhima says although they are plans to engage the Ministry of Labour and Social Services for an increase in tonnage, food should be distributed fairly to all the needy families.                       

Meanwhile, schools under government feeding scheme are also failing to collect food for learners citing shortage of cooking oil and relish. The minister advised schools working with their school development associations to compliment government’s efforts for the scheme to benefit learners. A total of 143 704 learners are under the scheme in midlands province.