Lanterna camara causing havoc in Umzingwane district

Communal farmers in ward 4 Umzingwane district are appealing for   assistance to address the problem of bush encroachment and alien plant invasion which they say has greatly reduced pastural land . 

The shortage of grazing land in ward 4 Bulawayo village has been worsened by bush encroachment which farmers say has covered an area of about 20 kilometres. 

The lanterna camara an inavasive alien species and an indigenous plant known as sikle bush (ugagu) have remained a thorn in flesh for livestock farmers as these make the colonised areas inaccessible to livestock.    

Umzingwane legislator   Retired Bragadier General Levi Mayihlome appealed to the relevant stakeholders to help the community in clearing the bushes or to explore the economic opportunities availed by these invasions.