Youths urged to preserve obtaining peace for economic progress

Zimbabwean youths have been urged to contribute to the preservation of the obtaining peace and to play a leading role in the realization of socio-economic aspirations under the Transitional Economic Stabilization Program.
The three-day Zimbabwe Young Ambassadors, youth diplomacy conference was held in the resort town of Victoria Falls and saw strong calls for the youths who account for 30% of the economic activities in Zimbabwe to be actively involved in the transformation of the economy.
Africa for SDG chief executive officer Mr Toe Bonga stressed the need for Africa to harness the youth dividend challenged young people in Zimbabwe to preserve the obtaining peace and complement government in the realization of economic aspirations under vision 2030 and the Transitional Stabilization Programme.
The youths who participated in the training programme held under the theme, “awakening the afro giant; transformative and incorruption; a call to action,” said they stand ready to play a part in the transformation of the local economy and urged the policy makers to continuously invest in the youth in line with the national vision of achieving inclusive growth.