NBSZ to launch blood drive campaign

With the festive season upon us, the National Blood Service Zimbabwe (NBSZ) has stepped up efforts to increase the volumes in the country’s blood banks.

The festive period usually sees an increased demand for blood owing to road carnage.

As part of efforts to satisfy this demand, NBSZ will officially launch the blood drive campaign tomorrow with the Southern Region Planning and Recruitment Officer Mr Sifundo Ngwenya, calling upon all and sundry to play a part in donating the life-saving liquid.

“We are inviting you to this intimation that come festive season; we need to have a healthy blood bank that will see us through. Not only that though, but it has to be a day-to-day thing because we may be gearing up as a result of a lot of movement from people moving from country to country, region to region and various places we are encouraging as much as possible for people to come through and donate,” said Mr Ngwenya.

With a shelf life of 42 weeks, the plea has been that of having a constant supply so as to replenish the bank should some have to be disposed of.

It was revealed that there has been overwhelming support from schools and some faith-based organisations as well as the Pledge 25 Club, with the current stocks in the Matabeleland provinces expected to last for the next two weeks.

A number of centres have been opened in the southern region to ensure easy access for potential donors.