Matabeleland North tourism sector poised for partnerships

Matabeleland North tourism sector is poised for partnerships expected to grow the sector following a recent visit to the people’s republic of China by a delegation that consisted of officials from the ministry of local government and national housing and the Matabeleland North provincial Minister of state’s office.
The delegation went to China at the invitation of the Hubie province and was headed by the Minister of Local Government and National Housing Development, Cde July Moyo, attended a two day forum on global capacities and business cooperation where a number of possible areas of partnerships were mooted.
after a tour of the chenngal national park, it was agreed that there was room for it to work together with the matabeleland north province which is the country’s hub of both wildlife and tourism.
a formal proposal will now be expected from the chinese at the beginning of next year, with the provincial minister of state, honourable richard moyo, full of confidence that this will mark good fortunes for his province.