Increase in mother to unborn child HIV infections in Bulawayo

There has been an increase in mother to unborn child HIV infections in Bulawayo. This was revealed during a National Aids Council meeting held in Bulawayo.
Interventions to prevent transmission of HIV from an HIV positive mother to her infant during pregnancy, labour or breastfeeding were part of the deliberations.
It came as a shocker to hear that there are still some mothers who come to give birth without having been tested for the virus thereby putting the child at risk of getting infected.
Addressing stakeholders in the meeting, National Aids Council spokesperson for Bulawayo, Sinatra Nyathi noted that prevention of mother-to-child transmission rate is 12 percent which means 12 percent of infants are getting infected by their mothers at Mpilo hospital.
She also encouraged women to get tested for HIV as soon as they get pregnant.