Change farming attitudes: Acting Pres Mohadi

The government has launched the national small grains programme in Matabeleland’s Beitbridge District.

Rolling out the programme under the Presidential Inputs Scheme, Acting President Kembo Mohadi called for changes in farming attitudes and practices.

Cde Mohadi told thousands of beneficiaries of the small grains programme that residing in a province as dry as Matabeleland South requires prioritising small grains which are drought resistant and less capital intensive.

The Minister of State for Matabeleland South Cde Abednico Ncube lauded government’s launch of the programme saying it is an important direction to addressing food security in the area.

The small grains will benefit farmers in Matabeleland South who have always experienced rainfall shortages.

The dry parts of the country are also very hot, making it difficult for a traditional staple crop, maize, to thrive.