Five new tollgates set to be commissioned

Five new tollgates are set to be commissioned starting the 19th of September to the 28th of this month by the Zimbabwe National Road Adminstration (ZINARA). The five new toll gates will be operationalised in terms of Toll Roads (National Road Network) (Amendment) Regulations,2015 number 8.
Speaking to the Khulumani News ZINARA Corpoorate Communications Manager Mr Augustine Moyo said the tolling fees will remain unchanged.
The commissioning dates for the routes are as follows, Chivhu/Nyazura the 19th of September, Bulawayo-Beitbridge 21 September, Mutare Masvingo (Lothian) 24 September, 26 September Ngundu-Tanganda, and Harare-Bindura-Mt Darwin (Mufurudzi) 28 September 2018.