Implement right policies, industry urges govt

Captains of industry this Tuesday converged at a local hotel in the capital to discuss various opportunities and the desired economic direction post-election period.

Calibration of the Zimbabwean economy through implementation of right policies is the message coming from captains of industry to President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his administration.

The Chairman of the CEO Africa Roundtable Mr Oswell Binha says CEOs came up with a 10-point plan that they think the government should consider to grow the economy.

“As CEO Africa Roundtable we want to open dialogue with government in every aspect of the economy such that we encourage private sector participation,” said Mr Binha.

Also speaking at the meeting Professor Tony Hawkins said the major issue affecting Zimbabwe is lack of confidence in the economy emanating from policy inconsistency that has resulted in the economic meltdown.

He said the new government should be seized with resolving the currency issue in the shortest term.

“There is need for an urgent economic adjustment programme that deals with government expenditure, trimming down of non-viable parastatals and debt restructuring exercise,” Professor Hawkins said.

The CEOs agreed to continue lobbying government especially on policy consistency as it brings about ease of doing business and predictability.