Country loses tons of gold

The country could be losing tons of gold per year due to organized criminals that are suspected to be shipping the yellow metal illegally in what has been described as gold piracy.

As small scale miners continue to dominate deliveries of the yellow metal to Fidelity Printers and Refiners, questions have been asked as to why the big mining companies which have state of the art machinery for mining and have the advantage of geological technology to establish gold seams on the ground are performing poorly.  Those privy to the goings-on in the gold sector say there is a lot of undeclared gold that is being shipped out of the country some allegedly by big mining companies using private planes.
An alleged recent plane crush in Bubi with 25kgs of gold whose origin was never established gives potential confirmation of underhand dealings in the gold sector. Similar activities have been reported elsewhere.
Asked about the gold piracy deals that are said to be rife in the country the minister of Mines and Mining Development Cde Winston Chitando said there is a need to investigate these allegations and establish why the big miners have slumped in their operations yet they continue to operate even when the gold they are delivering to fidelity can’t sustain such big operations.
He also noted that with effect from next year all under utilized claims will be forfeited by the government to allow other players in the mining business to access lucrative mining areas.
The country is keen to mop up all the gold produced and should that happen the economy can the leveraged against the yellow metal to buttress its resurgence.