President hails ZDF for maintaining peace

President   Emmerson  Mnangagwa   has    hailed  the   Zimbabwe  Defence  Forces  (ZDF)  for  maintaining  peace and security in the country at the same time contributing  to global peace  and  security through its  involvement in regional and international peacekeeping missions.

Speaking  at the   38th  Defence   Forces  day  commemorations    held   in  the  capital  President Mnangagwa  commended the  ZDF   for  remaining    a  source  of  inspiration  and  national  pride  since  independence .

  Cde   Mnangagwa  said  this year’s   commemorations  comes two weeks after the country’s historic harmonised  elections which were held in a peaceful environment. He   however   expressed   deep  concern with the incidences of violence that rocked the streets of  Harare at the instigation of some leaders in the mdc alliance which led to the unfortunate loss of life.

The president   extended  his deepest condolences to the bereaved families and relatives of the victims of the politically motivated violence.